Friday NBA Player Statuses

18 NBA teams are taking the floor on a busy Friday night across the league. Find out which players are in and out of the lineups due to injuries or rest here.

Getty Images
Kawhi LeonardClippersLegWill play
Paul GeorgeClippersFootWill play
Mike ConleyJazzHamstringWill play
Sekou DoumbouyaPistonsConcussionActive
Draymond GreenWarriorsAnkleProbable
Kyle LowryRaptorsThumbOut
De'Anthony MeltonGrizzliesShoulderExpected to play
Gary HarrisNuggetsAdductorOut
Ben Simmons76ersFluOut
Will BartonNuggetsPersonalWill play
Steven AdamsPelicansAnkleOut
Jaylen BrownCelticsKneeWill play
James EnnisMagicGroinExpected to play
Gordon HaywardHornetsLower backProbable
Dillon BrooksGrizzliesThighOut
JaMychal GreenNuggetsShoulderWill play
Evan FournierMagicBackWill play
Patrick McCawRaptorsKneeWill play
OG AnunobyRaptorsRestOut


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