Babe Ruth Brief History: Salary & Memorabilia

On this day in 1914, Babe Ruth made his major league debut with the Boston Red Sox. Today, we’ll dig into Babe Ruth’s career earnings, along with his current memorabilia worth.


Babe Ruth is the most known name in baseball history, and one of the most iconic players to play the game. On this day in 1914, Ruth made his major league debut with the Boston Red Sox, allowing two earned runs in seven innings pitched. He picked up his first of 94 career victories.

Ruth played 22 seasons in the big leagues hitting and pitching for the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees. He’s a 2x All-Star, 1x AL MVP, and 7x World Series Champion. As a hitter he totaled 5,793 total bases, 2,214 RBI, 2,714 runs, and 714 home runs with a career .342 batting average. As a pitcher for 10 seasons, he totaled 488 strikeouts and had a low ERA of 2.28.

Babe Ruth

Babe Ruth led the majors as the highest-paid player for 13 seasons from 1922 to 1934. Below is a list of his salaries throughout his career.


1914 - Baltimore$600
1914 - Providence, Boston$1,300
1915 - Boston$3,500
1916 - Boston$3,500
1917 - Boston$5,000
1918 - Boston$7,000
1919 - Boston$10,000
1920 - New York$20,000
1921 - New York$30,000
1922 - New York$52,000
1923 - New York$52,000
1924 - New York$52,000
1925 - New York$52,000
1926 - New York$52,000
1927 - New York$70,000
1928 - New York$70,000
1929 - New York$70,000
1930 - New York$80,000
1931 - New York$80,000
1932 - New York$75,000
1933 - New York$52,000
1934 - New York$35,000



Babe Ruth's Salary Draws

An original post from the Sporting News in April, 1932

In 2017, actor Charlie Sheen sold his Babe Ruth Memorabilia at an auction for over $4 million dollars. Sheen sold Ruth’s 1927 World Series Ring with the Yankees for $2,093,927. The original copy of the document selling Ruth to the Yankees to the Red Sox in 1919 went for $2,303,920. Today, the highest-priced item of Babe Ruth Memorabilia on eBay is a vintage baseball card listed at $375,000.




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