Antonio Brown not planning on playing in 2022

Getty Images

During an interview in a Fan Controlled Football game, Antonio Brown said he’s done playing in the NFL.

“Obviously, we live the game, but you can’t play forever,” Brown stated. “I think I’m a great player that’s done everything in the game.”

When asked if he’d play in the 2022 season, the 33-year-old stated, “Nah, don’t play yourself looking at me to play.”

For the current time being, it looks like Brown will be out of the NFL after quitting on the Bucs in week 17 of last season where he stormed off the field.

It’s unclear whether or not Brown is a Hall of Famer, especially with the laundry list of antics he’s put up towards the end of his career.

Throughout his twelve-year career in the NFL, Brown has earned $80,744,339 in contracts with the Steelers, Patriots, Raiders, and Buccaneers.


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