MLB cancels Spring Training games until March 8

USA Today

Major League Baseball has announced that they have cancelled spring training games until Tuesday, March 8.

The decision eliminates three additional days of spring training games, but hopefully this shows that there’s some optimism that the MLB and Player’s Association can finalize a new Collective Bargaining Agreement before the February 28 deadline.

If a deal gets done soon, there will be three weeks of spring training games before Opening Day currently scheduled for March 31.

On the other hand, things could get worse if a deal isn’t struck by the deadline.

According to USA Today, the two sides are still of course conflicting of a money issue.

The news outlet reported that “the luxury-tax ceiling and dispersal of salary to high-achieving young players represent the widest rivers to cross. Currently, owners are sitting on an offer of a $214 million ceiling, rising to $222 million by 2026, with teams not penalized a draft pick until they exceed $234 million.”

“Players are aiming for a $245 million ceiling, a mark that wouldn’t likely be exceeded by more than two or three teams, and would enable upper middle class clubs more maneuverability when they’re inclined to contend.”


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