Over 150 prospects could boycott the NFL Combine

USA Today

Agents for more than 150 prospects have organized a boycott over COVID-19 related “bubble” restrictions for the 2022 NFL Combine, according to The Athletic.

The prospects are boycotting of testing, on-field workouts, and interviews for the Combine that is scheduled for March 1.

A memo sent to the agents and prospects from the NFL said there will be “fewer days on site, reduced testing schedule, new communication platform, scheduled medical examination, customized meal options/timing, single room accommodations and secure environment to reduce distractions and help limit potential COVID exposure.”

It also stated that players can also have one “medical support person” with them at the Combine.

This memo clearly didn’t sit well with the players and representatives, and the NFLPA are supporting these prospects.

It’s more than likely that the league and owners will bend to the prospects, as they want to fill their pockets with as much cash as possible.

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