Who Should Conor McGregor Fight Next?

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Despite losing to Khabib Numagomedov in UFC 229, UFC fighter Conor McGregor is still undoubtedly the sport’s top draw. After netting 2.4 million pay-per-view buys in his last fight, McGregor now holds the four highest-grossing UFC pay-per-view of all time (UFC 202, 196 and 225 are the other ones).

His charisma even extends outside of the UFC as his fight with undefeated boxing legend is the second-highest boxing pay-per-view event of all time only bested by the Mayweather-Pacquiao superfight.

With that in my mind, the UFC will surely want McGregor back in the octagon as soon as they can, regardless of the fallout of UFC 229. There are a lot of options McGregor can choose from and here are some of them:

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Khabib – McGregor 2

From McGregor’s sole perspective, this is the one that he probably wants the most. He has been very vocal about wanting an immediate rematch to be able to avenge his recent loss. Business-wise, it is not as appealing given how the previous fight played out. McGregor was dominated for most of the fight and didn’t have much answers even in the stand-up game, which he expected to dominate. Pundits and fight fans think nothing much would change in a second fight.

McGregor – Diaz 3

Before UFC 229, the record for most pay-per-view buys was held by McGregor-Diaz 2, which broke the previous record set by, you guessed it, McGregor-Diaz 1. The two fighters split the first two fights and fans would surely love to see a third fight to give a fitting ending to the rivalry. If this fight happens, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if it sets a new record for PPV buys.


McGregor – Ferguson

In the co-main event of UFC 229, Tony Ferguson looked fantastic after coming back from an injury. He was tested by a very game Anthony Pettis but ultimately came out on top with a dominant performance. Stylistically, it’s also a very interesting fight as Ferguson is known for his pressure and legendary cardio. McGregor has had his issues with his cardio especially in later rounds of fights. This fight might actually make more send for McGregor before he thinks of having a rematch with Khabib.



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