11 NBA Teams Over the Luxury Tax for 2022-23

USA Today Sports

Eleven NBA teams are over the set luxury tax of $123.6 million for the upcoming 2022-23 season.

The franchises are listed below:

  • Los Angeles Clippers: $41.7M
  • Golden State Warriors: $36.5M
  • Brooklyn Nets: $31.2M
  • Milwaukee Bucks: $23.6M
  • Boston Celtics: $20.1M
  • Phoenix Suns: $16.2M
  • Los Angeles Lakers: $16.1M
  • Dallas Mavericks: $14.6M
  • Denver Nuggets: $10.5M
  • Portland Trail Blazers: $1.5M
  • Atlanta Hawks: $1.2M

The Champion Warriors were one of the seven teams to pay the luxury tax last season, along with the Bucks, Clippers, Jazz, Nets, Lakers, and 76ers.


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