NBA, NBPA to discuss collective bargaining agreement

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The NBA and the NBA Players Association are holding a preliminary meeting in Boston Wednesday to discuss the collective bargaining agreement.

Both sides can opt-out of their current deal set in December, and they’re beginning to prepare for serious talks on a new CBA in the coming months.

According to NBC, there has been a lot of chatter in recently about the impending repercussions of players such as Ben Simmons and Kyrie Irving and their decisions this season.

in Irving’s cases over the last few seasons, he’s missed games without a legitimate reason while still getting paid.

Simmons forced his way out of Philadelphia to begin the season, and then never stepped foot on the court before and after dealt to Brooklyn.

Team owners will likely put an end to situations like this, where players get paid while sitting out games.

Both the NBA and its Player’s Association are interested in avoiding any sort of lockout or work stoppage.

Both sides worked well together to complete multiple seasons impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, which included a restart of the 2020 season in the bubble in Orlando, and several health and safety protocols throughout the last few years.


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