Chicago Cubs owners to lead bid to buy Chelsea FC

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The Ricketts family, who own the Chicago Cubs, have confirmed they are leading a group of investors which will make a bid for Chelsea by Friday’s deadline.

The Ricketts released a statement on Wednesday:

“The Ricketts Family, owners of the Chicago Cubs, can confirm they will be leading an investment group that will make a formal bid for Chelsea this Friday.”

“As long-time operators of an iconic professional sports team, the Ricketts Family and their partners understand the importance of investing for success on the pitch, while respecting the traditions of the club, the fans and the community.”

Former owner Roman Abramovich originally planned to sell the club after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but the sale was halted by the UK government when he was sanctioned.

BBC Sport reported that the group bid also includes US hedge fund entrepreneur Ken Griffin.

They also noted that more than 20 credible parties are interested in buying the Premier League Football Club.


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