Warriors can’t sign a 15th Player until March 3.


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The Golden State Warriors under the hard cap can’t sign a 15th player to their roster.

The big acquisition of D’Angelo Russell (4-yrs/$117,325,500) in the offseason put the team in a fishy spot.

Golden State under no circumstance cannot have their team payroll go over $138,928,000.

They are currently sitting at $138,520,743.

Anthony Slater of the Athletic wrote this on Twitter:

Assuming the Warriors can stay $407,257 below the hard cap, they could add a 15th guy on a minimum deal on March 3.

Deals signed at various points of the season are pro-rated.

The season is 177 days long.

Each day that passes, the minimum counts 1/177th less against the cap or again, credit the assist to Nate Duncan – a reduction of $9,156 per.

On March 3, that pro-rated minimum cap hit would be reduced to $402,852, finally putting it in a usable range for the Warriors.”

Steve Kerr spoke about the situation with reporters after their first exhibition game:

“It’s impossible right now to figure out what’s what with our injury situation and our cap situation.

I’m happy to be coaching and not being a GM because there’s a lot of minutiae in the CBA and I’m not exactly sure how it all plays out.”

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