Minnesota Fines Stefon Diggs for over $200K


USA Today Sports

Minnesota Vikings star wideout Stefon Diggs has been fined by the team for over $200,000 for missing practices and mandatory meetings earlier this week.

The news comes shortly after there were swirling rumors that Diggs wanted to be traded.

Diggs spoke with the press:

“There’s truth to all rumors. So what I mean on that, so I can politely explain, is there’s a lot of speculation on me being frustrated.

Of course, being a receiver and wanting to have success and wanting to win, if you want to win and you’re not winning, of course you’d be frustrated.

That’s my answer.”

Diggs has not been a huge part in the offense so far this season, having just 13 receptions in the first four games.

Teammate Adam Thielen also had his issues with poor quarterback play, and both Diggs and Thielen are right.

Kirk Cousins is a sub par QB getting paid too much money from Minnesota.

Minnesota takes on the Giants on Sunday, and Diggs’ status is up in the air.

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