5 Common Mistakes Made at Your Fantasy Football Draft

It’s that time of year where people go nuts over fantasy football. There are over 38 million participants each year that hope to win money, pride, and of course bragging rights. Here are the most common mistakes made year in and out that keep the winners winning and the losers losing.

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1. Going with the Consensus

The most cringing thing to hear is that friend that constantly whines and complains about their big named players struggling week to week. It’s simple, you don’t have to choose a player or position just because everyone else is. It happens every year. People start to choose a position, then everyone feels they need that same position right then and there with their next pick. False. Choosing a new position helps to sway your own strategy in the draft, and will have the people that selects after you to think different.


2. Reading into Projections

This is the most difficult thing to try and teach anyone to be successful in fantasy football. Projections mean nothing, however, they are hard to avoid because they are everywhere. This should not matter because from draft day, week-to-week, and play-by-play, projections change. Projections simply cannot predict player outcomes, and this is why they change every second. Letting projections sway your head into playing and sitting certain players will destroy your fantasy success, and this cannot be stressed hard enough. Focus on the matchup at hand, and seek which players on your roster have the weakest opponents and possibilities for the higher success. Week 1 2017, Kareem Hunt, 246 total yards and three TD’s against the New England Patriots. He was ranked 13 in RB’s on NBC Sports. Projections also didn’t predict the Cardinals to lose David Johnson or the Giants to lose Odell Beckham.


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3. Not Thinking Overall Team Success

This is a strong factor if you choose a big named player, but they’re on a struggling team. Thinking about the overall team really matters when making picks. For example, Demaryius Thomas, stud and multi-talented wideout who was one of the best receivers in the game, until he had no quarterback. Thomas’ receiving yards have dropped each year from 1,619 in 2014, to 1,304 in 2015, to 1,083 in 2016, to an upsetting 949 last season. This is not his fault. Demaryius Thomas is still Demaryius Thomas, but he went from having a fossil in Peyton Manning, to a bust in Brock Osweilier, to a man that just can’t get it done in Trevor Semien, and a rookie Paxton Lynch. The last time he recorded double-digit TD’s was 2014. Thinking overall team success is a must in these situations. This season, once again take a look at Kareem Hunt. Now there’s tape on the kid and they lost their veteran QB Alex Smith to the Redskins, who started for Kansas City the last five seasons. The Chiefs may have a hard time being themselves in the beginning, and maybe throughout the season.


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4. Folding Under Pressure

This is a tough one for the anxious person that has an eye on a player, and sweats it out until it’s almost their turn, and that player gets drafted right before they wanted them. When this happens, it’s almost certain that panic sets in. Don’t let it! Before your selection, scroll down and add multiple players to your queue just in case of this situation, that seems to always happen. Normally you have a whole two minutes to make a selection, and using it in these here is very important. Don’t let the guy or girl that picks after you, that’s always complaining about people taking up the whole clock affect you. They just have somewhere to be, and that’s their fault.


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5. Playing with your Heart

Unless you have a big named player on your favorite football team, like a Todd Gurley, avoid picking your favorite players. This can only hurt you in two ways. Not only will you be upset if your squad loses, but you’ll be extra mad if your player struggles as well. You cannot pick a player just because you ‘WANT’ and ‘HOPE’ that they do well. The fantasy gods may allow this to work from time to time, but it will crush you in the most pivotal moments.



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