NBA Free Agency Tracker

NBA Free Agency is here and lots of players are signing new deals and are on the move. Find out each player’s status here.

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Zach LaVineBullsAgrees to 5-year, $215.2M deal with Chicago
John WallRocketsAgrees to 2-year, $13.2M contract with Clippers
Jusuf NurkicTrail BlazersAgrees to a 4-year, $70 million extension with Portland
Otto PorterWarriorsAgrees to 2-year deal with Raptors
Bol BolMagicAgrees to re-sign with Orlando
Aaron HolidaySunsAgrees to 1-year deal with Hawks
Bruce BrownNetsAgrees to 2-year contract with Nuggets worth over $13M
Mitchell RobinsonKnicksAgrees to 4-year, $60M extension with New York
Ricky RubioCavaliersAgrees to 3-year, $18.4M extension with Cleveland
Zion WilliamsonPelicansAgrees to 5-year, $193M max extension with New Orleans
Gary Payton IIWarriorsFinalzing 3-year, $28M deal with Portland
Karl-Anthony TownsTimberwolvesAgrees to 4-year, $224 supermax with Minnesota
Ja MorantGrizzliesAgrees to 5-year, $193M rookie max with Memphis
Andre DrumondNetsAgrees to 2-year, $6.6M with Bulls
Delon WrightHawksAgrees to 2-year, $16M contract with Wizards
Kyle AndersonGrizzliesAgrees to 2-year, $18M deal with Timberwolves
Jalen BrunsonMavericksAgrees to 4-year, $104M contract with Knicks
Juan Toscano-AndersonWarriorsAgrees to deal with Lakers
Nic ClaxtonNetsAgrees to 2-year, $20M extension with Brooklyn
Lonnie WalkerSpursAgrees to 1-year, $6.5M contract with Lakers
Marvin BagleyPistonsAgrees to 3-year, $37.5M extension with Detroit
Luguentz DortThunderAgrees to 5-year, $87.5M extension with OKC
Joe InglesJazzAgrees to 1-year, $6.5M contract with Bucks
Mo BambaMagicAgrees to 2-year, $21M extension with Orlando
Wesley MatthewsBucksAgrees to 1-year deal to remain in Milwaukee
Bobby PortisBucksAgrees to 4-year, $49M deal with Milwaukee
DeAndre JordanSixersAgrees to deal with Nuggets
Devin BookerSunsAgrees to 4-year, $214M extension with Phoenix
Anfernee SimonsTrail BlazersAgrees to 4-year, $100M extension with Portland
Malik MonkLakersSigns 2-year, $19M contract with Kings
P.J. TuckerHeatAgrees to 3-year, $33.2M deal with 76ers
Nikola JokicNuggetsAgrees to 5-year, $270M extension with Denver
Bradley BealWizardsSigns 5-year, $251M max extension with Washington
Kevin DurantNetsRequests trade from Brooklyn
Danilo GallinariHawksExpected to be waived from San Antonio after trade
Kemba WalkerNetsAgrees to contract buyout from Detroit after trade
Dejounte MurraySpursTraded to Hawks for Danilo Gallinari & draft picks
James HardenSixersDeclines $47.4M player option with Philadelphia
Damian LillardTrail BlazersExpected to get offered extension worth at least $100M
Robin LopezMagicAgrees to 1-year deal with Cavaliers
Drew EubanksTrail BlazersAgrees to 1-year extension with Portland
Kevin HuerterHawksTraded to Kings for Justin Holiday, Mo Harkless, and draft pick
Justin HolidayKingsTraded to Hawks for Kevin Huerter
Mo HarklessKingsTraded to Hawks for Kevin Huerter
Malcom BrogdonPacersTraded to Celtics for Daniel Theis, Aaron Nesmith,1st round pick
Derrick WhiteBullsAgrees to 2-year, $6.6M extension with Chicago
Rudy GobertJazzTraded to Timberwolves for Malik Beasley, Patrick Beverley, Walker Kessler, Jarred Vanderbilt, Leandro Bolmaro and 4 first-round picks
Kevon LooneyWarriorsAgrees to 3-year, $25.5M extension with Golden State
Nemanja BjelicaWarriorsAgrees to 2-year deal with Turkish champions Fenerbahçe
Luke KornetCelticsSigns 2-year extension with Boston
Raul NetoWizardsSigns 1-year deal with Wizards
Patrick BeverleyTimberwolvesTraded to Jazz for Rudy Gobert
Jarred VanderbiltTimberwolvesTraded to Jazz for Rudy Gobert
Darius GarlandCavaliersAgrees to 5-year, $193M max extension with Cleveland
Bismack BiyomboSunsAgrees to return to Phoenix
Miles BirdgesHornetsExpected to have qualifying offer removed from Charlotte
Bryn ForbesSpursAgrees to deal with Timberwolves
Jalen SmithPacersAgrees to 2-year deal with Indiana
Donte DiVincenzoKingsAgrees to 2-year, $9.3M contract with Golden State
Jock LandaleSpursTraded to Phoenix for cash
Zion WilliamsonPelicansSigns 5-year, $193M max extension with New Orleans
Cody MartinHornetsSigns 4-year, $32M extension with Charlotte
Kessler EdwardsNetsSigns 2-year extension with Brooklyn
Serge IbakaBucksAgrees to 1-year extension with Milwaukee
T.J. WarrenPacersAgrees to 1-year deal with Nets
Gorgui DiengHawksAgrees to 1-year deal with Spurs
Edmond SumnerPacersAgrees to deal with Brooklyn
Isaiah RobyThunderClaimed off waivers by Spurs
Caleb MartinHeatAgrees to 3-year, $20+ million extension with Miami
Bradley BealWizardsAgrees to 5-year, $251M extension with Washington
Jericho SimsKnicksAgrees to 3-year extension with New York
John KoncharGrizzliesAgrees to 3-year, $19M extension with Memphis
D.J. WilsonBucksSigns multi-year deal with Brooklyn
Kentavious Caldwell-PopeWizardsAgrees to 2-year, $30M contract with Nuggets
Pat ConnaughtonBucksFinalizing 3-year, $30M million extension with Milwaukee
Deandre AytonSunsSigns 4-year, $133M offer sheet with Pacers, matched by Phoenix
Austin RiversNuggetsSigns 1-year contract with Minnesota

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