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Valtteri Bottas says Alfa Romeo has work to do

Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo driver Valtteri Bottas said the team has work to do before the new Formula 1 season as the team launched their new car.

The 32-year-old moved from Mercedes after five seasons to Alfa Romeo after where he’ll be driving alongside rookie Guanyu Zhou, the first Chinese driver to make it to F1.

“The nice feeling is that I definitely feel there is potential,” Bottas said.

“There are some strong areas in certain types of corner but I also noticed some areas to work on.”

Alfa Romeo, like most teams, had a difficult first test in Barcelona this week when it came to an aerodynamic “bouncing” problem, and they also had reliability issues.

Bottas went on:

“It’s nothing we shouldn’t be able to fix. It feels like we are in the very early stages of discovering the car. We had very limited running, only two different tire compounds and limited set-up changes. There is work to do but I also feel like there is potential in this package and I am looking forward to discovering more with the team.”

Bottas is reported to have a salary of $10 million with his new team.


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