Jets fire defensive coordinator Gregg Williams

USA Today Sports

The New York Jets fired defensive coordinator Gregg Williams after a horrible play call that led to a loss to the Raiders on Sunday.

New York was up by four points with just seconds left to play, and Williams called for a blitz that sent seven pass rushers which led to a 46-yard passing touchdown from Derek Carr to Henry Ruggs.

The call was baffling, and Williams will be looking for a new job yet again.

The 62-year-old coach has been a journeyman throughout his coaching career assisting with nine NFL teams.

Williams is also the face of the 2012 New Orleans Saints bounty scandal, where he was paying players to cause injuries to opposing targeted players that led to a suspension.

Williams will see his way out of the Jets franchise, who are facing a winless season with a current 0-12 record.

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