Mesut Ozil dropped from Arsenal for “football reasons”

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta states that Mesut Ozil was dropped from the club for “football reasons.”

Arteta further rejected reports that suggested Ozil was cut due to an internal rift over player pay cuts.

Arteta spoke at his press conference:

“Everybody is free to express his feeling. What I can say from my side is that it is just a football decision. My conscience is very calm because I have been really fair with him. My level of communication with him has been really high and we know what to expect with each other.

“Obviously a player of that dimension, with the career he has had, everything that happens around him has a big impact. It has been the case for the last eight years, it is nothing new that is just happening now. A lot of things have happened over these eight years.”

Ozil also released a statement on Wednesday:

“I’m really deeply disappointed by the fact that I’ve not been registered for the Premier League season for the time being. Upon signing my new contract in 2018, I pledged my loyalty and allegiance to the club that I love, Arsenal, and it saddens me that this has not been reciprocated.”

“As I have just found out, loyalty is hard to come by nowadays. I’ve always tried to remain positive from week to week that there’s maybe a chance to get back in the squad soon again. That’s why I kept silent so far.”

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