Lakers bring back 33-year-old Dwight Howard

dwight howard.jpg

USA Today Sports

The Los Angeles Lakers have signed 33-year-old big man Dwight Howard after reaching a buyout with the Memphis Grizzlies.

Also according to Woj, Howard showed up to the meeting after dropping 25 pounds and proved to the organization that his back was healed.

Selling himself to the Lakers was good for Howard, but an iffy move for the organization.

Howard has been traded three times in recent years and also waived twice.

The big man also has not proved himself to be an adult with his childish antics and off court.

However, the Lakers are still able to cut Howard before the January 7 deadline if he disrupts the team or becomes a distraction.

With the personalities of Rajon Rondo and LeBron James, along with the addition of Dwight Howard could stir up a lot of media tension as it did last season.

The Lakers have all the tools to be finals contenders, but if they don’t start out winning they may have some issues.

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