FIFA 2018 World Cup Prize Money: Funds & Earnings

The Semifinals are officially set for the FIFA 2018 World Cup. Find out exactly how much will the winners and losers will take home.

Semifinal Schedule

The 2018 FIFA World Cup has been one of the most exciting, spectacular sporting events in recent years. It’s been filled with upsets, jaw dropping moments, and exciting finishes. These teams that make it to this stage certainly don’t leave empty handed, as FIFA is sharing a total fund of $400 million between participants in this year’s World Cup for prize money.

Teams reaching the World Cup in the Group Stage is worth a minimum of $9.5 million ($8 million for reaching the stage and $1.5 million for tournament costs).

Teams that reach the group stage and are knocked out of the round of 16 will earn an extra $4 million, totaling $12 million.

Teams that are knocked out of the quarter-final stage will receive an additional $4 million, totaling $16 million.

The eliminated semi-finalists compete for third place in a play-off to receive $46 million, with the winner earning $24 million and the loser taking home $22 million.

The final stage teams will be competing for $66 million, and the winner receives $38 million and the runners-up get paid $28 million.

Each prize figure receives the additional $1.5 million from the tournament cost.


Below is a breakdown chart of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Prize Pool:





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